OpenStack OS::Heat::CloudConfig OS::Heat::MultipartMime


 Debugging OpenStack Heat Template with OS:Heat:CloudConfig resources in OS::Heat::MultipartMime where only the last config was executed.   This was pretty frustrating to figure out what was happening.   If I rearranged the order, only the last config would execute.  It was clear

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Secure cross-platform password management


Secure cross-platform password management is required not only because we have multiple devices but also to lock accounts by having unique passwords.  Protection from one service getting hacked so it does not compromise your other account by using the same

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Using Ansible to Create a Linux Development Environment


Using Ansible to Create a Linux Development Environment Using Ansible to create a Linux development environment to develop with Node.js, GoLang, Ruby, Docker was on my list of to-dos for sometime and just moved up in priority.  I know very soon

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Setup Amazon AWS wildcard SSL certificate


Wildcard certificates allow you to use unlimited sub-domains with HTTPS/SSL.   Typically if you have 5 or more sub-domains it is cheaper to buy the wildcard certificate then individual subdomain SSL certificates. Setting up Amazon AWS wildcard certificate requires purchasing a wildcard

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OS/X /etc/hosts – Adding Host Records

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OS/X /etc/hosts – Adding Host Records is pretty straight forward.  Typically I do this when I’m running a local virtual machine or for testing services.  Slightly different then Linux because of OS/X DNS caching services. Edit /private/etc/hosts Add Flush

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